A little homestead, lots of love and puppies. Enjoy!

Welcome to Mile High Bostons!

We are a homestead farm in Colorado and have a love for the bully breeds. our commitment to placing the best puppies into the best homes makes Mile High Boston’s a great choice as you look to add another member to your family. We care for nature, sustainability, organics, and maintaining our natural heritage amongst the Colorado rockies. We look forward to working with you in finding the perfect, addition to your family!

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From Humble Beginnings to Sustainable Abundance

My wife and I started helping animals at the humane society in our early 20’s, later we rescued and placed many adoptive pets into their forever homes. Now we breed the best all around family dogs we have met. Our love of animals and giving them proper care extends into all we do.

From our farm’s product lines to our puppy kennel, we strive to work sustainably, ethically and with a level of personal customer service that makes our customers feel like they are part of our family.

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Our Dogs

A fun bunch of rascals:

We have several females and a male on the farm at this time.

Otter is our newest stud and is a stunning blue Boston. He is very affectionate, loves to play with his pack but absolutely loves his best buddy who is a much larger Standard Collie named Jack.




Bluebell is a wonderful red Boston who is very loving, playful and loves to chew a good elk bone for hours. She has been a good mother and we are excited to have her on the farm with us!



Jasmine is a smaller, brindle Boston with a huge personality. She is pretty calm and sweet but watch out when she gets going, she can give you a great little tap dancing show.




Finally we have Iris, she was born on the farm to our retired stud Tank and our Bluebell and is a beautiful champagne color Boston.

View more pictures of all these rascals in our gallery!



We are excited to help. Please fill out our contact form to start today!

We are expecting our next litter in the beginning of June 2021.

Why Choose MHB?

We are stewards… 

Breeding any animal is a serious endeavor which we truly take to heart. Mile High Bostons is committed to top quality food, care and love for all animals. Our customers appreciate supporting an organic homestead farm while being selected to take home a top quality puppy. Appropriate breeding of old world genetics helps to save the integrity of any breed and that’s what our friends and neighbors have come to love and rely on when it comes to our homestead.

We are excited to help. Please fill out our contact form to start today!

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