We love Boston Terriers (and pits)

After quite a few years of raising Standard Collies, we decided to add another type of dog to our breeding program. Where to start? Well, my wife and I’s very first dog was a rescue Pitbull named -Isabella “D_O_G” Hillhouse. We obviously didn’t feel right breeding Pitbulls, despite our love of the breed, they take a special kind of owner and can “go bad” very easily in the wrong hands. So after much research and consideration we decided the Boston Terrier had many of the same qualities as our beloved Bella and so our Boston journey began. It’s been a very fun and funny journey so far, these hilarious dogs are so loving, energetic yet lazy at times and with so much personality. Each one of our Bostons has such a different yet awesome style it’s really been a blessing to have them on the farm. And the way they stand up to our much larger Collies is truly a testament to their “larger then life” breed.