Our Dogs

A fun bunch of rascals:

We have several females and a male on the farm at this time.

Otter is our newest stud and is a stunning blue Boston. He is very affectionate, loves to play with his pack but absolutely loves his best buddy who is a much larger Standard Collie named Jack.



Lily is a super cute black/brindle female. Very adventurous and full of energy, she loves to chase her sisters and our boys around the farm.




Bluebell is a wonderful red Boston who is very loving, playful and loves to chew a good elk bone for hours. She has been a good mother and we are excited to have our first litter from her and Tank!



Jasmine is a smaller, brindle Boston with a huge personality. She is pretty calm and sweet but watch out when she gets going, she is a true spit fire




Finally we have Iris, she was born on the farm to our retired stud Tank and our Bluebell and is a beautiful champagne color Bopston.

View more pictures of all these rascals in ourĀ gallery!



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We had a litter born the March 3rd and the pups will be weaned and ready to go their new homes late June.